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Are you intimidated by complex legal terms, internet business rules and tiresome capital optimization? If you are an emerging company, seeking guidance in a new market, or an investor, looking for the next big thing, we can provide you with our reliable services and make your life easier.

Our law practice is a full-service law firm located in Bratislava and Košice, Slovakia and Prague, Czech Republic that provides a wide array of services mainly for companies and investors, transforming business concepts into industry leading enterprises.

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As a technology, internet age ready startup, multimedia or other future proof company, you are determined to provide your customers with your product or a service as soon as possible, no delay accepted. To worry about legal terms, intellectual property protection and negotiations hinders your productivity and prevents you from growing your business.

We're a little different than most law firms. We understand that comprehensive legal protection means very little unless your business is maximizing its revenues and profits. This often forgotten fact amongst most law firms keeps our clients coming back to us again and again. Whether it's helping you navigate the complexities of internet business law, creating website terms of use and privacy policies, drafting and negotiating a technology license agreement, NDA or closing a deal with a large investor to fund your future business, we translate confusing legal concepts into straightforward, practical advice that's easy to understand.

Unlike traditional law firms that try to do a little of everything, we cater to the modern internet driven technology businesses. Expect an exceptional level of personal service not common with most law firms.

See how we're different.
See the future, together, now.

Marián Čuprík
Mgr. Marián Čuprík
About us

Our speciality are legal services provided in foreign languages, especially the English and German language.

A lot of investment opportunities in Slovakia and the Czech republic motivated various EU entrepreneurs to seek investment opportunities here.

We have a lot of experience with legal consultations for our foreign clients so we can cater our legal services according to their needs.

  • Technology Law
  • Establishing Companies
  • Internet Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Privacy and Security Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Insolvency Proceedings
  • Liquidation of Companies
  • Litigation
  • Administration of Claims
  • Legal Documents Reviews
  • Mediation for Legal Disputes
  • Legal Due Diligence before and after Acquisition
  • Legal and Business Consultation for Startups

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Marián Čuprík, attorney
Staré Grunty 18
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Bozděchova 7
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Marián Čuprík, advokát
Staré Grunty 18
841 04 Bratislava

Bar Association Numbers:
SAK ID: 14230 (SK)
ČAK ID: 300246 (CZ)

IČO: 42249180
DIČ(Tax ID): 1084791499

Bank accounts:
4015889859/7500 (ČSOB SK)
173079888/0300 (ČSOB CZ)

+421 949 110 446 (SK), +420 777 170 199 (CZ)